Born and raised in Bombay, a city I continue to love despite its best efforts to alienate those who do, I spent a significant number of years studying English literature.

After a Bachelor’s degree from St. Xavier’s College, I was awarded a Master’s and then a Ph.D. from the University of Bombay, for my work on gender attitudes implicit in nineteenth century Indian fiction in English, under the guidance of Eunice de Souza, one of India’s most respected poets and literary critics.

I have also spent much of my working life in India’s media industry. From The Indian Express to the Times Group,Rediff.com to Mid-Day and thePublicitas Group, my career as a journalist and communications professional has spanned print, television and the Internet.

I have taken on the roles of reporter, editor, columnist and critic for a number of publications, and continue to do so.

The best way to find out more is to have a drink with me, preferably a vodka and tonic. I may then, depending on my mood, tell you more about my days as a professional Michael Jackson impersonator, why I chose to work on a book titled ‘Women’s Voices‘ (Oxford University Press) or why I follow the singer Tori Amos on tour around the world.

— Lindsay Pereira

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